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              Rubber air bag processing technology:
              1. Trimming of rubber production model products to make the surface of products bright and clean and the external dimensions meet the requirements;
                 2、 通過一些特殊工藝加工,如對制品表面進行處置,使特殊的一種用途的制品的運用性能有所提髙;
              2, through some special processing, such as the treatment of the surface of the products, so as to improve the performance of a special purpose of the products;
              3, the fabric containing the framework of products such as rubber tape, tires and other products to hot stretch cooling and curing in the air under the pressure of cooling, to ensure that the size of the products, shape is stable and make the heart of the application of performance.
                 橡膠出產模型在硫化時,膠料畢然會延著出產模型的分型面等部位流出,形成溢流膠邊,也稱為毛邊或飛邊,膠邊的多少及厚薄決定于出產模型的結構、精確度、平板硫化機平板的平行度和裝膠余膠量?,F在的沒有邊際出產模型出產的制品,膠邊尤其薄, 有時刻起模時就被帶掉或輕輕一擦就可以去掉。但這種出產模型成本較高,易損傷,大部分數橡膠模制品在硫化在這以后都需求修整處置。
              During vulcanization of rubber production model, the rubber material will flow out along the parting surface and other parts of the production model, forming an overflow rubber edge, also known as rough or flying edge. The amount and thickness of the rubber edge is determined by the structure, precision of the production model, the parallelism of the plate vulcanizing machine and the amount of glue left after loading.Now there is no marginal production model products, plastic edge is particularly thin, when there is a moment from the mold is taken away or gently wipe can be removed.But this production model cost is high, easy to damage, most of the rubber mold products in vulcanization after this need to repair disposal.